The world's thinnest Flexible Insulation Jacketing System

At only 10mm thick the Aero Lite™ jacket range offers significant space and weight savings for the perfect engineered solution. 

The Aero Lite™ system has an innovational and intelligent fail safe system built into the design. This assures that on the unlikely event water was to penetrate to the underside of the insulation jacket it will intelligently draw any moisture away from the pipe or equipment and dispose of it through its built in ventilation system.

Working together with key members of industry, AIS Technical has created the most innovative insulation solution on the market today.

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Our dedicated team went through more than two years of research and development to find the perfect design and construction for the Aero Lite.

The world’s thinnest jacket

At only 10mm in thickness and applied in a single layer, the Aero Lite jacket range offers significant space and weight savings for the perfect engineered solution.

The thickness of the Aero LiteTM range of jackets is generally around 5 times less than alternative jacketing solutions. The reduced thickness also provides considerable savings in weight and space requirements.


The Aero LiteTM jacket has been engineered using revolutionary Pyrogel® XT insulation infill to cater for service temperatures ranging from -40°C to 650°C using thicknesses from only 5mm. Pyrogel® XT is up to 5 times superior to traditional insulation jacket infill materials such as Mineral Wool. Jacketing systems can be individually designed to suit any equipment.

Hydrophobic qualities

Through innovative use of materials, the AIS Aero LiteTM jacketing infill layer is hydrophobic “Pyrogel XT” meaning that in the rare event of any moisture penetrating the jacketing it is pushed back away from the pipe work through a unique ventilation system.

Intelligent UV Protective Insulation Jacketing System

The Weather Pro outer layer of the Aero Lite jacket provides superior protection against UV rays which can be experienced throughout the world in offshore conditions. This tough, high performance jacketing system will protection equipment from all types of exterme conditions experienced in the offshore environment.


Case study - Aero Lite Jacketing - Wilton Engineering

"...this made the Aero Lite range of insulation jacketing the perfect engineered solution".

AIS were contacted by Wilton Engineering Services, a multi-discipline Engineering Services provider based on a 50 acre site by the River Tees in Middlesbrough in order to insulate over 1,000 metres of small bore instrumentation pipe work.

With our multi-award-winning range of Insulation Jacket Systems the team were able to recommend Aerolite due to the light weight, reduced thickness design and the ease of remove and replace. From survey and our initial recommendations this made the Aero Lite range of insulation jacketing the perfectly engineered solution.

Advanced Industrial Solutions manufactured the systems at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Tyneside before supplying 4 highly qualified engineers in order to install the jackets. The install took place with zero interruptions to the plants normal operations.

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Case Study - Maximising Asset Integrity - BP

From 2011 AIS have supplied their elite and intelligent Aero Lite jackets to valves and flanges eliminating corrosion and maximising thermal efficiency. We are committed to support BP in their pursuit to reduce carbon emissions and maximise asset integrity. This product has been developed in partnership with BP and this has led to the product being written into the BP insulation specification document for use on all BP onshore plants.

Veiw the Aero Lite Range.

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How we work

The full turn key solution

1. Survey

Measurements will be taken on site by AIS Technical engineers as part of a full survey to ensure your product is perfectly engineered and fit for purpose.

2. Design

Survey results or details from Isometric or P&ID Plans are transmitted back to the AIS Technical Design Team via our bespoke AIS Technical 'Technet' cloud based software programme which can instantly generate a precise  quotation and energy saving feedback report.

3. Manufacture

Our detailed and often complex designs are imported directly into our fully automated precision CNC manufacturing system housed within our 20,000sqft fabrication facility. From here a team of dedicated technicians then manage the whole production process.

4. Install

AIS Technical can offer a full installation service by highly experienced engineers. All of our installation engineers are IRATA certified rope access technicians ensuring no area is out of their reach in difficult to reach locations during installation.

5. Inspection

Our team of IRATA certified engineers are qualified to carry out a range of inspections, from visual only through to detailed NDT. They can also undertake any maintenance requirements to optimise performance.

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