HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT Insulation Jacketing System - Designed for working temperatures of 1,000 degrees continually

The High Temp Pro jacket is constructed as a boxed section jacket from high performance graphite treated glass cloth with an additional weather protective outer layer.

Our advanced heat reduction systems dramatically reduced heat-loss and protects against weather and other factors.

"Achieve an outer surface temperate of 68.5oC on an exhaust stack with a standard operating temperate of 455oC"


The High Temperature Pro insulation jacket is ideal on high temperature pipe work including turbines, generators and exhaust systems.

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Our standard High Temp Pro jacket is 50mm thick and will withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C continuously. Dependent on the temperature of equipment and the temperature reduction required, ocassionally there may be an alteration to the specification to achieve project requirements. AIS are able to carry out calculations to determine the exact thickness required for any project.

Example Temperature Reduction

Based upon an operating temperature of 455°C, an average for most exhaust systems, the standard 50mm thickness of High Temperature Pro jacketing will provide a jacket outside face temperature of 68.5°C. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to request further calculations.


How we work

The full turn key solution

1. Survey

Measurements will be taken on site by AIS Technical engineers as part of a full survey to ensure your product is perfectly engineered and fit for purpose.

2. Design

Survey results or details from Isometric or P&ID Plans are transmitted back to the AIS Technical Design Team via our bespoke AIS Technical 'Technet' cloud based software programme which can instantly generate a precise  quotation and energy saving feedback report.

3. Manufacture

Our detailed and often complex designs are imported directly into our fully automated precision CNC manufacturing system housed within our 20,000sqft fabrication facility. From here a team of dedicated technicians then manage the whole production process.

4. Install

AIS Technical can offer a full installation service by highly experienced engineers. All of our installation engineers are IRATA certified rope access technicians ensuring no area is out of their reach in difficult to reach locations during installation.

5. Inspection

Our team of IRATA certified engineers are qualified to carry out a range of inspections, from visual only through to detailed NDT. They can also undertake any maintenance requirements to optimise performance.

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