Weather Pro

All Weather Protective Thermal Insulation Jacketing System

Corrosion under insulation costs industry billions of pounds per year in disruption to process. Going back to the route of the problem it was identified that painting and insulation standards of yesterday needed updating and improved. The Weather ProTM jacket combats this and is designed with a tough weather resistant outer covering preventing water ingress and protecting your assets from corrosion under insulation. 

Ingrained in every section of the Weather Pro™ is a deep understanding of the needs of industry to reduce costs and maximise asset life.

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Years of research, development and testing have gone into creating the best weather protection system on the market today.

All Weather Resistance

The Weather ProTM removable insulation jacket outer covering is our unique weather protective material to offer protection against the harsh conditions within the offshore oil and gas industry. The material is tough durable and will wipe clean easily. The Weather ProTM removable insulation jacket is also capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 650°C continuously.

Design & Construction

The Weather ProTM jacket has been engineered to cater for service temperatures ranging from -40°C to 230°C using a 50mm Mineral Wool quilt infill. The thickness of the Weather ProTM range insulation jacket is typically 50mm although this can differ dependent on project requirements and specifications. Jacketing systems can be individually designed to suit any equipment.


The Weather ProTM Jacketing range can be used in many different applications. Widely used for heat conservation and personnel protection from hot equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry and for frost protection of cold equipment.

the weather pro range is trusted around the world by leading blue chip companies

Case Study - Offshore Vessel

Location: Beatrice Offshore Oil Platform, North Sea

Client: Wood Group

Project Description:

Advanced Industrial Solutions were asked to survey and recommend a suitable product to provide thermal and weather protection to a large offshore vessel. With our rapid response surveying team we quickly evaluated the project and conclusively recommended the multi-award-winning WeatherPro Jackets for the 10m x 3m diameter vessel. 

Whilst offshore our surveying engineers collated every required detail to enable manufacturing of the jackets to precise dimensions. Even before the surveyors returned, the measurements had been sent electronically back to Advanced Industrial Solutions' manufacturing facility for design and manufacture. This advanced, rapid response, turnaround sets us apart from our clients and enables us to deliver a fast, responsive, service on time and on budget.

In order to fit the jackets, a specialist IRATA Level 3 Rope Access team went to install the systems to create a complete thermal and weather protective system.

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Case Study - Jasmine Project

Location: Jasmin Project, Offshore Oil Platform, North Sea

Client: Conoco Phillips

Project Description:

Multi-award-winning manufactures and suppliers of PFP and Insulation products; Advanced Industrial Solutions were asked by Conoco Phillips to survey design and manufacture a large number of valves, flanges and equipment on the Jasmine Project.

Our engineers were immediately despatched to help Conoco Philips find the right solution for this demanding project with varying shapes and sizes of valves. The project was made no less challenging due to the confined spaces and the complexity of the designs, taking into account the cut-outs required to navigate items such as supports and spectacle blinds.

The chosen solution was Advanced Industrial Solutions' Weather-Pro jackets due to their exceptional thermal insulation and weather protection properties.

Total manufacture of jackets extended to 1,000 WeatherPro systems, manufactured and shipped on-time and on-budget to the Jasmin Project.

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How we work

The full turn key solution

1. Survey

Measurements will be taken on site by AIS Technical engineers as part of a full survey to ensure your product is perfectly engineered and fit for purpose.

2. Design

Survey results or details from Isometric or P&ID Plans are transmitted back to the AIS Technical Design Team via our bespoke AIS Technical 'Technet' cloud based software programme which can instantly generate a precise  quotation and energy saving feedback report.

3. Manufacture

Our detailed and often complex designs are imported directly into our fully automated precision CNC manufacturing system housed within our 20,000sqft fabrication facility. From here a team of dedicated technicians then manage the whole production process.

4. Install

AIS Technical can offer a full installation service by highly experienced engineers. All of our installation engineers are IRATA certified rope access technicians ensuring no area is out of their reach in difficult to reach locations during installation.

5. Inspection

Our team of IRATA certified engineers are qualified to carry out a range of inspections, from visual only through to detailed NDT. They can also undertake any maintenance requirements to optimise performance.

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