The AIS Innovation Lab

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Innovation can provide your business with the the commercial advantages to set you apart from your competitors. As the name suggests AIS seek solutions to the underlying problems facing many businesses.

From new and unique goods and services, to the introduction of innovative materials to existing products or, the use of software and technology to streamline processes AIS are constantly striving to improve or introduce new ways of working  to deliver business efficiencies.

The AIS Innovation Lab is a new concept, designed to champion new technology, encourage research and development and the sharing of ideas. We want to bring together practitioners of all levels and experience, thinkers and the influencers of industry. So please get involved and contribute to the AIS Innovation Lab.

We have now launched our Innovation and Competency Hub in the heart of the Oil & Gas industry.

Come and see us in Westhill, Aberdeen, UK. Or speak to one of our AIS Technical specialists - 0844 800 1810

The AIS Innovation and Competency Hub, Aberdeen