innovative PFP and insulation solutions to fit your exact needs

Introducing the world's most innovative range of multi-award-winning specialist Passive Fire Protection and Insulation Systems covering different applications such as thermal, acoustic, high temperature and passive fire protection (PFP). Years of research have produced an award winning product range using the most innovative and advanced materials available today.

Jet Fire Pro

Flexible Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Insulation Jacketing System

The Jet Fire Pro is the world’s thinnest and most innovative flexible fire protection Jacketing system with variations offering 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes of life saving protection against pool and jetfires.

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JFP - XP Enclosure

Tough, high performance passive fire protection enclosure system

The latest innovation from AIS offering market leading fire protection and unrivalled strength and performance with unique flexibility.

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The world's thinnest Flexible Insulation Jacketing System

At only 10mm thick the Aero Lite™ jacket range offers significant space and weight savings for the perfect engineered solution.

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Weather Pro

All Weather Protective Thermal Insulation Jacketing System

The Weather Pro™ jacket is designed with a tough weather resistant outer covering preventing water ingress and protecting your assets from corrosion under insulation.

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Flexible Noise Reduction Insulation Jacketing System

The Acoustic Pro jacketing system provides all the insulation qualities of our Weather Pro or Aero Lite ranges of insulation jackets with an added acoustic barrier designed to reduce noise levels by a minimum of 40dB.

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HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT Insulation Jacketing System - Designed for working temperatures of 1,000 degrees continually

The High Temperature Pro removable thermal insulation jacket has been specially engineered to withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C continuously.

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Heat Trace


The heat trace pro takes all of the thermal insulation properties of our Weather Pro range of jackets and adds temperature control utilising heat trace technologies. Thermostat systems are available to provide complete control of temperature.

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An Insulation Jacketing Solution tailored to your exact requirements

At AIS, our highly experienced in house design engineers can provide jacketing solutions to meet the exact requirements of any project.

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